Shawn Baron Pinckney

Shawn Baron Pinckney  explores the sacred ritual of dress and it's cultural significance. Utilizing fashion, history and literature as a foundation,  Pinckney elicits a new dialogue about societal norms with the objective of opening the viewers mind to a broader reality of humanity. 

Escape from Tara

Shawn Baron Pinckney weaves a story of the slaves on the fictional plantation of Tara from the novel "Gone With the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell.  Pinckney puts himself in the role of slave and contemplates his,"Escape from Tara".  Using denim, doilies, linen and lace.  Pinckney subverts the ideas of Antebellum gentility while celebrating the slaves who worked as cotton pickers, assistants to the smiths and house workers.  Pinckney honors with lace and cord, the slaves whose backs had intricate scarring from being beaten with whips and whose necks were stretched from being lynched. 


Shawn Baron Pinckney's beautiful costume portrayal of a conversation between Harriet Tubman and Thomas Garrett evokes the courage to identify modern forms of external and internal enslavement and triumph. 

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